Monday, October 1, 2018


 Chewy came into our rescue when his family no longer wanted him. 
 He was blind but it didn't get in his way.  We tried to do surgery, but his retinas had detached, so there was nothing we could do to restore his sight.  Many people are concerned about adopting a blind dog,  but I have one and have had quite a few blind fosters.  They are amazing.
 He's such a happy boy.   He loves to go on walks and he loves to be near his person.
   We had a wonderful application for him.   Their previous dog was named Chewy-- it seemed meant to be. 
He felt comfortable with them right away and snuggled right in.
 Since Chewy has been blind a long time, he uses his other senses well. 
 And he is brave and happy.
 He will look to a voice when you talk.
 He turns his head toward sounds and smells.   When a dog is blind, those senses are heightened.
 He is very confident when going for a walk-- and he can climb stairs, too.
 But, best of all is his new sister.  She loves him already. 
Have a happy life, Chewy!!!   You will be loved.  💙  (I love this picture!)

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LadyJicky said...

That little girl and Chewy are meant to be together ... you can just see it!

So happy for Chewy and his new family Linda :)