Saturday, October 20, 2018


Scout came into rescue in July and Magnolia's mom fell in love!  Fiona is our hard working Calendar person-- we have lots of our meetings are her home, which I just love.
That means I get to see Scout and Magnolia (one of my foster dogs).
Scout was in a shelter and SO SO sick when we got her.  She was in ICU for several days.
But, now she is doing great.  Her coat is getting thicker and shinier. 
She is so loving and wants everyone to adore her.  Which we do!
Magnolia is older and has learned that Scout is there to stay-- but she just takes life at her own pace.  Older ones are allowed to do that.   Yes we are!
Her mom is an artist and was working on something, so Scout popper her head over the couch to see if she could help.  Or maybe she was hoping there were treats.  Either way, she wanted to be involved!   Scout, you are precious!


LadyJicky said...

I think Yum Yum has a crush on Scout !

Lost Earring said...

Love seeing rescues in their Forever Home and how they have thrived since adoption. These stories have a happy ending and knowing how they are loved makes it even better. Little seniors able to enjoy their "retirement" with enough food, shelter and love.

You can't beat that for sure.