Tuesday, October 30, 2018


 Ellie was in a Maryland shelter. 
 We were able to pick her up and wow!
 She is so sweet!   At first, most are a little confused, but she snuggled right up to her transporters.
 Marji picked her up and stopped so she could have a little walk on her way to meet Robin. 
 She had a crate which is the safest way to transport unless you have a seatbelt. 
 Ellie walked around a bit when she met Robin to go to her home for a week.   She let them know that she did not want to be crated, so they let her sit next to them in front (with secure leash/seatbelt).
 She had water and when she got to Robin's, she had a nice dinner.
 She was sleepy after the long day.  She is a small Peke at about 12-13 pounds.  We are not sure how old she is, but will know more after she goes to the vet. 
She fell asleep, secure and safe and loved already.   Welcome to rescue, Ellie!  💜

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LadyJicky said...

Ellie is very , very pretty and she would make a wonderful family addition !

I am doing the Adoption Dance for sweet Ellie right now ... in this heat too! LOL