Thursday, October 4, 2018


 Yum Yum has been with Melinda for about a month now. 
 Look at his puppy coat!   Can you imagine how massive his adult coat will be!
 He sent me an email to complain about being in jail.   LOL
 Oh, the face!   How could they do that to you.  😟  He asked me to report his mom!
 See this pot?   Coco must have sent Yum Yum a message from heaven saying, "Yum Yum, there is possum poo in the back yard and it's better than chocolate!"   So, this pot is an attempt to keep him away from the "possum tree."   😀  Is it working?
 The brick around the Freesia plants makes a good chew toy.  Those puppy teeth need a work out!
 He has already figured out the doggy door-- he's so smart!
 Just look at him.
 Look at this innocent face-- would he get into flowers??   Of course, he would!
 And he's learning to run....
 run, run....
 Is Daddy after you? 
 Wait-- maybe Daddy has a treat.  Run back to him.  Quickly!
 Puppies chew-- everything.  Sticks, table legs...
 Sticks are readily available.
 Yum Yum is in front of an Australian native Orchid. 
 His mom hopes he doesn't chew on them-- they are beautiful!
 This one is safe in a basket.
 Could this face be guilty?   Oh, my, I don't know!  What do you think?  I just want to kiss him!
He's a Mommy and Daddy boy-- and his dad wants to put him to work.  Can those little paws work on the computer?  This will be an adventure!   Oh, Yum Yum, you are just too cute.

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LadyJicky said...

Oh yes.... so cute and yet..... so chewy!!!!

Plus..... he will not do what he is told!.... well, neither do I ! Ha!

I call him "The Little Emperor" ...... talk about Lord of the Manor !!! LOL

His coat is so thick ... it will be so interesting when his adult coat comes through .