Monday, October 8, 2018


 Gizmo came to us from a Virginia shelter in August. 
 His elderly owner passed away and he ended up in a shelter.  (Please make plans for your dogs in the event you cannot care for them.)
 Jackie and Bill offered to foster him-- thank you to them!!   Fosters are so critical to rescue-- we can't do without you!
 We weren't sure what his temperament was-- but it was pretty good!   Look at this!  Melting our hearts.
 He loved other dogs, too.    And his beautiful coloring was bound to attract a new home.   
And it did!  Here's Gizmo and his new sister, Stella.   We are so thankful for good homes, and most of all for wonderful foster homes who are the key to rescue.  Bless every one of you who foster!
ADOPTED!!  A favorite rescue word!  Have fun in your new life Gizmo!

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LadyJicky said...

Oh that Gizmo is so handsome!

I am happy to read he now has a home ... yeah for Gizmo !