Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Camden and Santa

Camdem (formerly Campbell) went to see Santa. Look at what a good boy he is! Mine would not be that good. I hope you get all you are wishing for. You got the best part already-- a family who really loves you!


lady jicky said...

There is my favourite boy seeing Santa!!!!

He has been Verrrrrrry good so I am sure there will be treats for Camden :)

Jeanne said...

Look how handsome Camden looks with his new hair do......He looks so proud.... :)

Merry Christmas Camden !!!!!

Pekiegirl said...

I always thought he was a beautiful pup! Now he's a happy fellow, and just in time for Christmas!

Anonymous said...

I can only imagine all the barking and commotion mine would start if anyone with a Santa suit came near them. Yikes! Kisses to all the Pekes :)

claudine hellmuth said...

that is so cute! we used to take Toby every year to see Santa!

here's one of his pics