Monday, December 21, 2009

Trio and Arbie

Remember Trio (formerly Georgia)? She was adopted several months ago and she's taking a nap here with Arbie, her sister Peke mix. They are so perfect together and became best friends immediately.
They love to sleep together, curled up under the blanket.
Trio is trying to figure out what in the world is on her nose!
Wherever Arbie is, Trio is. From the first day, these two were fast friends, never far apart. They love to play, sleep, eat and run-- TOGETHER.
And snuggling with each other is the best-- Trio loves her big sister.
Trio noticed her mom packing to go somewhere and she was determined to go. Maybe she was going to the North Pole to see Santa! Maybe Trio could sneak in the suitcase and go find Santa's workshop. Wouldn't that be an adventure!?
Trio and Arbie's mom and dad sent me some videos of them that I know you'll enjoy. Trio learned to sing-- but only for her dad!
I wonder if she's going to sing when Santa comes-- I bet she will!


lady jicky said...

How I wish my two would get on as well as Trio and Arbie.

Mmmm, I noticed there was some Wine and some Whine involved in those videos! LOL

Cate Bach said...

So great, Linda!!! Trio and Arbie are better buds every day! They enjoyed playing in the snow this weekend, too! We're looking forward to introducing Trio to the entire family over Christmas : ) We love you!!!

Allan, Cate, Arbie & Trio

Jeanne said...

It's so nice Trio has such a great buddy and new Mom & Dad. She looks like such a sweet does her sister.

Merry Christmas !!!!!

Karin said...

I love the picture where they are snoozing under the blankie together! How adorable! I wish mine got along that well. The video is cute.

Anonymous said...

Look at these cozy pups :)