Saturday, December 19, 2009

Tess, Teddy and Friends

This isn't a Peke. :-) Just have to keep you all on track. This is a beautiful blue Doberman. This is Trena. She looks brown, I know-- but she is a blue Doberman. This picture was taken by a photographer at a Doberman Rescue fund raiser-- he was determined to get her picture, but she wasn't cooperating well. I still thinks she's beautiful.
This is Tori-- her moms help with Doberman Rescue. I know-- amazing that Dobies and Pekes can get along, but they are all great friends in this home! Tori was a dog who picked THEM. (Just like Starlight picked US.) Initially, she had some sores that wouldn't heal while she was in the rescue kennel, a front leg that bent oddly at the ankle and severe heartworms.
Her parents have worked hard to heal the sores and eliminate the heartworms. Now we are working on the bent ankle which they now know has a broken bone. (She goes to the specialist on Monday for more help-- we sure hope she can be helped and healed!)
Look at this one! Isn't she beautiful. I think this is Tess, who they adopted from us. (She wasn't my foster dog, so I get confused-- imagine that!) Tess was adopted a few months ago and her parents wanted to give an older Peke a home. Tess was rescued from a back yard breeder in NC and was a sweetheart when I picked her up. She has arthritic and takes deramaxx every day (if your dog has arthritis, I give them to my dogs here, all five of them! It's a wonderful med for them.) Tess' parents told me they are so grateful to have her, and this makes my heart smile!
Isn't this cute! Look at the size differences. They are: Teddy, Maggie, Tess and Vicky. Teddy is the perfect playmate for Maggie. Each day they engage each other in a game of "I can run faster than you can". It is fun to watch for their foster moms to watch!
Look at Teddy and Tess. Teddy is one who loves to play and Tess enjoys just hanging out. They were both adopted from our rescue group. Their names began with a T in rescue-- but their moms say, "It seems if your name begins with "T" and you are a canine in need of a home .......The fun part is that we named Vicky and Maggie and elected to keep the names lovingly provided while Trena, Tori, Teddy and Tess were in rescue. I guess you could say they suit us to a "T" - you could see that one coming, couldn't you! "
I'm just so glad they all have a loving home for Christmas! Their mom said to me, "I just can't help myself - I look at my guy and gals and grin." That is gift enough !!


lady jicky said...

Oh my gosh - that is alot of T's!! LOL

I am so happy they have a home and they will be spoilt for christmas like all good dogs should!

I wish them all good health in the near future!

Karin said...

They are just beautiful! I especially love Tess' precious little face! I'm so happy their Christmas will be special.

Jeanne said...

Wow.. what a great looking family. They are all so pretty. It's nice to see a nice healthy well adjusted pack.....

Merry Christmas to all of them!!!!!