Friday, December 18, 2009

Ollie and Buffy

Ollie and his best girl, Buffy, are waiting for Santa. I really want to go to their house this year because it's CHRISTMAS there! When Ollie was adopted a few years ago, I did his mom and dad's home check-- WOW, I fell in love. With his mom and dad and their house! It was all decorated for Christmas and she said I could come back this year to see it again. It's on my list!
Buffy, on the bench, and Ollie, obviously think it's a great place to be. toys are all over.
This reindeer must be telling them secrets about Santa's where-abouts. They're listening intently. I wonder if they're finding out where Santa's workshop is.
WOW, look at Ollie-- it must be some secret they're hearing! And Buffy is leaning in for more details!
No, Buffy, that's not Santa-- that's a wooden Santa. That one won't give any details on where Santa is.
Is Santa outside? Is that what the little reindeer said?
They're posing under the tree with their Christmas outfits. I'm sure they're letting everyone know they are not on the naughty list-- they're on the GOOD PEKINGESE list!
Now how did that reindeer get on the table? Ollie is trying to find out more information since Santa was not outside on the lawn.
Ollie is telling him something-- like "give me more information!"
I guess they've given up. Buffy is hanging out of the stairs. Waiting. Patiently. Waiting.
Okay, maybe not so patiently. Do you see him Buffy?
I like your pillow-- is it more comfortable to wait there?
Okay, this doesn't look more comfortable-- but maybe Santa will think you're asleep and come by to fill your stockings. I hope so! You've been so good this year and your mom and dad sure do love you. Let me know what you get for Christmas!
Their mom emailed me to say "Santa will definitely visit them as they have been our angels this year and we love them dearly."


Pekiegirl said...

So cute!!

lady jicky said...

Ollie and Buffy look like a pair of very good pekes so I think Santa Peke will be visiting them !!

claudine hellmuth said...

what beautiful little pekes!!

Karin said...

They are both so cute!