Thursday, December 10, 2009

Off to Ashland with BB and Nutmeg Can your dog do this? Mine cannot! haha
Last Saturday, I went to Ashland to meet Nutmeg's and BB's new foster moms. My daughter is expecting a grandBOY next month, so I have to lower my number of Pekes here. I took Anna along because she just got out of vet ICU and needed special care (syringe feedings), so she had to be with me. My husband watched the rest at home.
BB was so confused and got sick in the car-- I thought she would, so she was in a crate. I feel AWFUL when I have to take them to another place-- I feel guilty and like I'm being a traitor. It's part of rescue.
Nutmeg was also in a crate-- I tried to get a picture but she wasn't cooperating. I could hear her snoring shortly into the drive, so she wasn't stressed at all!
It started to snow! Living near the beach, we get very little snow.
It snowed more.
It began to cover everything.
Anna is modeling her coat-- it's says "Emma", but it kept her warm! We don't care what name it has on it. Anna is just about 9 pounds, and doesn't stay warm easily.
I arrived at my daughter's farm, and here is her "drive way." The pasture is off to the right.
I love to go there-- it's in the country and I can just relax there and SEE MY GRANDGIRLS!
As I walked Anna, I thought of the poem by Robert Frost, "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening." I love that poem.
Anna and I found a place under the trees where there was bare ground for her. Her legs are short and she didn't WANT to walk in the snow. :-)
She's observing the snow-- and is ready to be picked up and carried inside. All of you who are praying for this little girl-- she is eating now! She is bouncing a little. She is doing so much better after her surgery last week. I found out my vet donated the cost of a lot of her surgery. My vet is amazing!


Essie said...

Yes your vet is amazing.
I just love that little pink coat I bet Anna does too.
It was a pleasure to meet you.
NutMeg loves to ride in the car.
She is such a versital little girl.
The snow was pretty but we never got any here. You were just a few miles to the north of me.
I am so glad Anna is feeling better and is eating.You are such a great PekeMom!

lady jicky said...

I have never seen snow and its one of my things I need to do or see before I die!
I think your daughters place is just lovely .
It must be so hard to place the pekes but.... there is so many you can look after. I feel for you.

claudine hellmuth said...

oh anna! you look so cute in your pink coat!!

Best of luck with the grand baby! how exciting!