Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Pugs

Okay, these aren't Pekingese, but they're close! I have friends in Pug Rescue and they call Pekingese "Hippy Pugs." :-) I couldn't resist sharing this picture!
A lady came into a pet store to get Christmas pictures. She brought all her pugs with her. They are adorable!
Look how good they are being with Santa!! I do not think my group would be this well-behaved. In fact, I'm SURE they would NOT. Pekes have attitudes!
Merry Christmas!


lady jicky said...

My dear Rosie ,my rescue pug that died this year would have been a good girl like this cute lot and had her photo taken in a jumper right where you would place her. Pugs are like that.
Super cute photo Linda!!

Mary Elizabeth said...

Cute dogs... the little one in the back in the Santa picture reminds me of this video, Pugs Watch YouTube,, which is a follow up of this video, Pug Head Tilt, Happy Holidays to all the smush-face dogs!

claudine hellmuth said...

ha!! love seeing all those puggies!

Karin said...

Pugs are one of those breeds that make you laugh without having to do a thing. Boston Terriers are another one of those breeds.
I love the pugs' black faces! They totally don't mind posing, not to mention dressing up, do they?