Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ralph-- New Home for Christmas

Ralph came into rescue in the Richmond area. A lot of Pekes comes in with "issues." But, Ralph was perfect from the start.
His foster mom's daughter came to visit and Ralph fell in love with her. He would not stay still and played like a puppy until he was so tired. He would even jump up in the air to get Charlene to hold him.
Ralph loved having his neck rubbed.
He loved having her talk baby talk to him.
He loves having her hold him, and rub his tummy.
He loved just sitting with her -- he was very content.
And guess what? She adopted him! Now he is one happy boy. He has a new sweater on. Ralph got his Christmas wish-- a new home!


lady jicky said...

As my Kenzo and Ralph both know - it pays off "big time" if you are a pest! LOL

Good on ya Ralph!!!

Essie said...

Ralph got to spend Christmas day with his Inlaws and had a wonderful time. He loves to go visit his new family and everyone loves having him around. Next year he is going to make a movie called It's a wonderful Life starring himself as Ralph .

Jeanne said...

Essie that is too funny........Let Ralph know he has a few dogs here who would like to be part of movie..Now DiDi my peke may want to be the "Queen". Its so good seeing Ralph so happy.