Saturday, February 20, 2010


Remember me? You all had a chance to give name choices for me-- You gave some GREAT names!! I love them all, but my new parents liked Ginger Snap the best. I was in a shelter and so scared, but now I'm OUT!
I was brought to this nice house-- I'm not too sure of what is going on here.
They are comfy beds to lay on and I'm all clean and have good things to eat.
I have toys to play with-- but I'm still wondering what is going on.
I get to rest in the chair with my teddy bear. These people are really nice to me. I was going to visit here for a few days.
When they got ready to take me to the vet the rescue group uses, they just couldn't do it! I was already in their hearts.
I know I'm as cute as a button-- and so little, only 8 1/2 pounds. I'm really tiny and I am a good size (not thin like a lot of the dogs who come to rescue for help). And I'm young, just over a year old.
When it came time to take me to my foster home, my parents decided I WAS home. And they adopted me. They're adopted two other dogs from PVPC-- Joshua and Jimmie Cocoa. So, now they have a little girl, too. And I have a forever home!


lady jicky said...

Oh Ginger Snap! I am so happy for you and my Moi Moi sends a big kiss from Australia .
Mmmmm - Kenzo sends a snap! LOL

Pekiegirl said...

She's adorable! Hope they bring her to the annual picnic!

Jeanne said...

Ginger Snap has got to be the cutest glad she has found her FUR-EVER home.. What a sweet face...

Anonymous said...

Oh just look at her sweetheart face!!!!

Unknown said...

Dear Ginger Snap:

You are indeed one lucky puppy. It is as if you hit the Pekinese Puppy Megamillions Lottery by finding a new loving home with your new parents. Your life will now be filled with love, fun, and good times. Enjoy it.

Bobbie & Stan