Thursday, August 19, 2010


Click here: YouTube - Cubbietalking Here is a video of Cubbie Woo. He is named after the orginal Cubbie Woo above-- Essie's Peke. I had to take a fecal to the vet today on Cubbie Woo-- so I told them, "It's poo from Woo." They knew it had been a long day!
Bernie, a former foster, went to his new home. They have toilet paper issues there, too, but I'm sure it's not just Bernie. His "grandbaby" is showing him how to really spread it about. And the cat is helping.
Could it be this sweet face? Of course not.
He's such a docile boy-- who just sits on the deck, behaving himself.
He went to his new home and was going to the gate to meet his new family.
It's a new experience and he must have been a little apprehensive.
But, the rest came to meet him to tell him they would be his forever friends.
Now he's inside and making friends, checking out his new home.
Oh, no, Bernie, tell me you didn't do that. I know, I know, you're blaming the mice-- but this looks really suspicious to me! Really? You're just guarding the porch, not in the bathroom ripping up toilet paper? Are you king of the porch, above ripping up paper products? I'm still suspicious.
Well, you do look pretty regal. Maybe you are innocent. I'll have to talk to your mom about it.


lady jicky said...

The cat and the kid did it!

Essie said...

Really it was a mouse. Bernie has been the best boy since coming to his new home. He loves to play and snuggle. He has not caused one bit of trouble. They just don't come any sweeter. I am so happy to have Bernie here. He loves his daddy and likes to be with him when does projects around the new place.
He and his new little sister Meggie Mei have become good buddies. Meggie loves her brothers and is always teasing them. He is a wonderful addition to our life!
Not only is he the keeper of the back porch he is the keeper of our hearts.

emilyp said...

Aww, Bernie is definitely a regal Peke!! For sure:)

I watched Cubbie's video...too cute!!!

Tracey said...

Bernie is such a handsome Peke! So happy for him to be so loved in his forever home!