Tuesday, August 17, 2010


http://blogs.z104.com/Natalia/ This is a blog of a friend of my daughter's. She does a radio show and she wanted to try to get us some help. Thank you to all of you who have done this-- sent out emails, put us on your facebook. We are receiving donations and it is because of your help. So THANK YOU!!
We took in three more dogs over the week-end-- that makes it a record number for us! We took in 19 dogs in a week! This is MeMe. She came from a Maryland shelter and is a tiny 11 pounder. She is extremely sweet, but needs some time to gain weight and clean up her skin (flea allergy). I already have a few inquiries on her!
This is beautiful Katrina-- she came from the back yard breeder. She is shy, but sweet. She'll warm up just like the rest have.
This is Julie-- she's already warmed up!! She came in warmed up-- sweet and lively and loving! Once she and Katrina have their medicals done, they'll go to their foster home.
Ty-Ty has been at my house a long time--about seven months. I'm not sure he'll ever leave. It has taken a LONG time to get him to feel safer and know he is loved. He was an abused dog and some have something similar to PTSD-- Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I am sure studies have been done on dogs who have suffered abuse. I need to learn more, but in the meantime, I just love him.
He has made big strides in the last three weeks! He now will go outside with the rest and lay down on the lounger with Scooter. This is a Peke lounger-- no human gets to use it anymore. The dogs really enjoy it.
Can you see how relaxed he is-- this would not have happened four weeks ago. He now routinely will go out and get on the lounger with another dog.
Cranberry knows they're there, but she is pretending she's not. They are her subjects after all.
I'm relaxed Mom-- do you really have to bother me with the camera?
Ty-Ty loves toys-- especially if they make animal noises. I'm not sure he had toys before he came here. I suspect he didn't. I suspect he had very little.
He loves to be on one of the beds in front of the fan. These beds are in my study, where I am a lot of the day (working on Peke business). He likes to be near me.
Oh, he has another toy now-- You are so cute Ty-Ty. He's a shy boy, but he wags his tail a lot. He actually came up to me and gave me a kiss for the first time EVER! I was so pleased. Little steps bless a foster mom's heart.
I see the other toy Ty. It's behind you. I know you like to bring as many toys out as you can-- I've picked up 15 or more in a day.
He is contemplating the toy now. :-)
Ty-Ty has a "sad" face-- but it's just his look. He's doing so much better. He's been here a long time, but I'll let him go to a special home. It will have to be someone I REALLY trust to care for him. After this long, it's like he's mine! (Well, I have to really trust every home we let one go to.)

We foster moms can really become attached!


Pekiegirl said...

He is so adorable! I'm surprised no one has snatched him up!

lady jicky said...

I would find it very difficult to kiss Ty Ty goodbye. He is very sweet and so are those 3 other ladies :)

Mp said...

i would take him home in a sec without a wink..i love him..love you ty- ty. I hope you find your very own forever home soon

Unknown said...

Poor Ty-Ty.... but what a lucky boy he is now!!! He's so sweet!
You do such great job with them Linda!

emilyp said...

Oh such a sweet boy:)

Jeanne said...

He is so pretty. He reminds me of my DiDi.....I can not believe no one has asked for him yet.His day will come I'm sure. And I know it will be a hard day for you Linda. I know you have grown very fond of this little guy. But you do love them boys :)

Karin said...

What a sweet boy! Letting go would be very hard after seven months, but you do have lots of practice finding just the right homes and families for these special little guys:)