Sunday, August 29, 2010


We had an email from a shelter--could we help this little girl? We had SO many from the Bristol 18 rescue and didn't know where we'd put this one. But, we had to help her.
She isn't even two years old and had some skin issues. She was turned in by her family and she was very confused.
One of our members went to get her and said she would foster her. I'm so thankful! Can you see the red on the back of her legs? It's all better now!
She's so happy to be out of the shelter and loved. She's gaining weight, too. She was very thin.
Now she is playing! She will play fetch with the toys and ball. She is so sweet and loves to be held.
Did I mention she loves toys? :-)
MeMe will be going to a new home next month. She had applications the day after she arrived-- but there are a lot more in rescue! Check them out at


lady jicky said...

Oh , poor Meme --- she is just the most beautiful peke.

sending big positive vibes for her!!

Jeanne said...

She looks like she could be a doll. I bet when her skin problems are cleared and her coat grows out she will be a knock out......

Karin said...

Oh that frightened, confused little face in the first two pictures just about broke my heart! I'm so happy to see she's happy and feeling secure now.