Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Here's Ty-Ty. He's just Ty on the web, but I've always doubled his name. He's double sweet, so it makes sense.
He has a sad face, just his look. It gets a lot of attention-- you just want to give him a kiss! And touch his cheeks.
He's a really beautiful boy-- he was with me almost 8 months, just waiting for his perfect family. I would keep him, but I can't keep them all! He needed his special place where he could get more attention than here in a bigger pack.
And he now has it! He was there a week and I went back to take his bag of toys. I had forgotten to take his gorilla! Bad foster mom!! His tail started going as soon as he saw it!
And he wanted it all to himself. I took a lot of toys, but this was always his favorite at my house.
He just chewed on it and carried it. I threw it and he retrieved it. Then, I threw another toy and he went and got that, too. But, there is nothing like his gorilla!!
Ty-Ty loved the "corn on the cob" chew toy-- and so did his new brother, Snuggy!
He snagged it right away! When he carried it around, it looked like a cigar in his mouth. :-) You can see some of Ty-Ty's other toys there. I took his favorites and there were quite a few of them. When I left, he was curled up in his bed--with his gorilla. Look at his tongue poking out a little.
He's a content and happy boy. I love you, Ty-Ty!!! I'm so glad you have such a wonderful home-- it was worth waiting for.

Happy home = happy dog; happy dog = happy home! : )


lady jicky said...

Ooooo, Ty Ty looks so cuddley cozzey in his fluffy white bed !!

so lovely to see a happy peke Linda!

You are a GREAT Foster MUM!!! :)

Pekiegirl said...

He's so adorable! His new owners are very lucky to have him!

Mary Elizabeth said...

I was so happy to see he had his forever home. He reminds me so much of Camden! Thanks for the work you do, Linda, and good luck to Ty in his new home.

Mp said...

yay!!! TY-Ty has a home...look at that happy face..I'm sure he'll miss u lots Linda..Give a big hug and kisses for me

emilyp said...

yay!!!! Good for Ty-Ty!!!