Sunday, August 8, 2010


The Fazzio family lost their precious Jilly this week. Jilly was adopted in 2007 when she was about 8 years old-- she was a very sweet girl. Our hearts go out to the Fazzio family. Rest in peace, sweet Jilly.
Cindy is one of our foster dogs. She's a little beauty. She has a special area to stay in when her foster mom is at work-- and her foster brother Oscar to keep her company. Toys are always somewhere near.
Do you want a little neck scratch? I'm sure that feels really good.
She is watching something-- maybe Oscar is up to something.
Cindy has that look that makes you just want to hug her. Ty-Ty, my foster, has the same look! I just want to kiss him!
Cindy looks like she is on the look out for someone-- maybe it's you!
You are a precious girl, Cindy. We know your own special home is out there! Here's a video: Click here: YouTube - Cindy: Pekingese For Adoption

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lady jicky said...

Little Jilly looked a lovely dog - so sad for her family.

If Cindy does not find a home soon I will be in shock! LOL

Cindy is sooooooooo cute :)