Friday, August 20, 2010


Remember Andy-- he's now Murphy. I like that name much better! He had skin issues, but such a sweet boy. He loves his new home.
Can you tell how comfortable he is there? Yes, he's relaxed!
His hair is growing back. His owners saw past the bare skin and saw his beautiful personality and took him into their family. Many just want the beautiful ones, but the ones with inner beauty are just as special to me and many others. I'm so glad they saw that in him.
Here he is guarding the door-- aren't you? Or are you sleeping and letting Nick guard the door.
I think these two are inseparable! Give each other a hug for me-- doggy style. And to their parents-- THANK YOU for loving Murphy. He is so special!


lady jicky said...

I always feel that the people who take the "difficult" ones are Verrrrry Special!!!!

Kisses to Murphy :)

Jeanne said...

This is one sweet peke......He was so lucky to get such great parents. They are the best !!!!! I know he is a very happy boy......

Young Mogul said...

I love dogs. They are so loving and loyal. I want to get one when I'm more settled and it wouldn't be home alone all day.