Friday, August 13, 2010


My granddaughter says: Please help the Pekes that came in from the Bristol Back Yard Breeder closure. Just go to:
Bella, above, and Ruby, came into rescue from a NC shelter. They had been together in a 'home' and were not in good shape

We received a request to also help Corkie, who we think is their brother or father. He definitely looks a lot like Bella.

Corkie is a sweetheart! He is working on being housetrained. He loves the cat. He loves to be held and is great with his foster mom's mastiff and pom.

Corkie is almost blind though, so he will need a special home. He is having at least one eye removed because of its condition and the other may have to be removed, too. I somehow think Corkie will bounce right back-- it's just who he is.

Corkie responds to his name and his foster mom also calls him Keller-- sometimes we change the shelter name. He just responds to love! If you are interested in adopting Corkie, just email us at

Click here: Soldier Reunites with Hero Dog Featured Video GodTube

This is the story of a soldier who life was saved by a dog in Afghanistan. My husband is retired military, so this story touched my heart and I wanted to share it.


lady jicky said...

Corkie is a real corker!

emilyp said...

Corkie is adorable..he does look so happy already!! Yay for new homes and love:)

P.S. that video is a definite tear jerker!

Karin said...

Bella, Ruby and Corkie are so cute and tiny.
Great video about the soldier and beautiful, brave dogs. My dad served in VietNam in 1970 and sent pictures of a white German Shepherd type dog who guarded their platoon while staying in an underground shelter/hole. He also awakened the soldiers when necessary. He was their Guardian Angel for sure. I was 10 and my sister was 6, and oh how we wished my dad could bring that dog home with him!