Sunday, August 1, 2010


After my trip last week, Starlight and Ty-Ty and I went through Richmond and stopped at Jeanne's.
Ty-Ty is still timid and wasn't too sure about the new place, but he did well. He is a sweet boy, but so timid. He'll have to have a special home that will understand his shy behavior.
I wanted to see Bella and Ruby Slippers -- they were fostered with Jeanne. What a sweet pair of Pekes! Jeanne and Bill fell in love with these two-- more than with most fosters. Some of our fosters just climb deeper into our hearts.
They were both small, about 8 pounds and had been breeder dogs. But, they learned to go outside and didn't have accidents in the house. Both were wonderful to hold and snuggle with.
Bella was attached to Jeanne and Ruby was attached to Bill.
Jill Lee, on the steps, thinking, "another foster dog." I love the face!
Ruby is getting a good ear rub. They both love being close to people.
Want to take my picture?!
Ruby settles down near Ty-Ty. They all get along so well-- it's really amazing that Jeanne and I can bring in dog after dog and our dogs do well. And the foster dogs are so grateful to be cared for and they can tell from the rest of the pack that they are safe here. The hard part is when someone else falls in love with them and we let them go-- with heavy hearts. Part of us goes with them. The love and care we gave stays there-- but it sure is hard to let them go! GOOD JOB JEANNE-- THESE TWO WERE SO LUCKY TO BE WITH YOU!!


lady jicky said...

Gosh it must be hard to say goodbye to a dog you have brought in and fixed up - then , Poof! They are gone. I do hope some people keep intouch for I am sure that makes parting alot easier.
I am hoping the right person comes along for Mr ty ty!

Karin said...

I bet the only thing that makes letting them go bearable is that there's another one waiting to be rescued as quickly as you can find homes. I can't imagine not being updated on how they're adapting in their new families. By your blog it looks like everyone is more than happy to stay in touch.

Linda said...

We have been so fortunate that most adopters do stay in touch. I always wonder how they are, so the updates are wonderful. And update on Bella and Ruby will be this week.

misshank said...

I am in desperate need of some help. Bella looks just like my "lil girl". She's been missing for 5 months. She loves to listen to you whistle the tune Andy Griffith, she loves to snuggle behind your head, and she loves to give kisses. She was not spayed yet. I had her an appointment and she was gone the next day. Pleeeeaaaasssseee. If she could be my dog, please contact me or leave me a message. If Bella came from someone you know then I am sorry but she looks identical to my "lil girl" I am interested in another one if I can't find her.

Linda said...

To Misshank: Bella was turned in with several others by the owner. She was a breeder dog. Please email me at

Linda B. said...

I adopted Kaci on July 15, and she is doing great. She eats well, loves to go on walks, and is my constant companion. She has become quite popular among the neighborhood dogs and their people. Everyone admires her cute little face and her spunky personality. Thanks, Linda, and other rescuers and fosters for everything you do.
Linda B.