Saturday, July 31, 2010


No, I don't mean my haircut. I just wonder if you know where I am today. You can tell it's really windy! And it's getting dark and there's a storm coming. But, I had to see the waves close-up.
Here it is during the day. Palm trees.... golf course (no, I don't play golf, so this held no attraction for me). But, I have no Pekes with me. :-( They're at home with the petsitter.
My husband was ready to head to the beach and I was on the balcony/deck. If I haven't told you where I am, you can submit your guesses!
When I had Dimples (now Kaci), she was at the vet one day and we saw another dog.
He was very friendly and Dimples/Kaci was checking him out. (Those are NOT my hot pink pants-- I'm taking the picture.)
He was a very happy boy-- but this look says what he thinks about his haircut. "Can you believe my mom did this to me?"
Check it out--- it's a mohawk on a Chin mix. She trimmed him all over-- just not his head!
I am always entertained when I go to the vet-- but this dog gave entertainment a whole new meaning. :-)


Pekiegirl said...

As a pet groomer myself, I hate to see this! I try to make the pet look cute, not weird!

lady jicky said...

Even a bad haircut is good in the heat Linda! LOL

I think you are in Florida ?????

Hey - maybe Australia?????? LOL

Karin said...

Are you in Florida, or North Carolina maybe??
I like the mohawk! He is such a cute dog anyway, I don't think the haircut took away from that.
Poms aren't supposed to be shaved because there's a good chance the hair won't grow back, but no groomer ever told me that, so when it grows back it kind of looks like a mohawk on their whole body. My 12 year old pom grows little tufts all over.