Thursday, July 8, 2010

Caleb and Fu-Shing and the green toy

I have to introduce our new video. I think you will LOVE it!! I have watched it many times!!
Remember Caleb? He was adopted last month. He's doing GREAT in his new home. He is learning some play manners, because he thought it would be okay to pull his new Pekingese sister around by her ears, and she has such beautiful ears. His new mom had a nice quiet chat on appropriate play behavior and after she was done, she got a huge face kiss. Did he understand?? :-)
Caleb loves playing with his toys. He loves his red/orange stuffed crab, but he also like the "Green guy" because it has a better squeaker.
" It sure is nice and loud! I like toys that make a lot of noise, don't you?"
"I'm going to conduct a squeaker comparison test on all my toys."
"Whoa, what was that??? Where di Fu come from??"
"Boy, that girl is FAST!"
"I really want my green guy with the noisy squeaker back from Fu. So I have a plan."
"I'll just make this little duck head quack away."
"I think I hear her coming....."
"I'm such a smart Peke! Now back to the squeaker test!"
And Fu looks like she doesn't know what happened! She'll have to be content with another toy!


mary ann hartman said...

I am so glad caleb found a hom. He is so beautiful and I am sure, very happy

Jeanne said...

Looks like these two pekes really hit if off. I love the way Caleb tries to out smart Fu. They both are just way to cute. I'm sure their Mom is enjoying every moment of them.All I can say is "you go Caleb"...

lady jicky said...

Hey - they look like they have been friends forever! Wonderful.

Thank goodness I looked at that singing Peke in the morning - I would have thought that glass of wine I had with dinner went straight to my head! LOL

Waaaaaay cute too!
Hi ya Jeanne!!!!!