Friday, July 30, 2010


Two of our former foster dogs crossed the rainbow bridge this week.
Buddy died this week. He belonged to Tony and hadn't been with her long. He was greatly loved though and will be missed. We're so sorry. Rest in peace, Buddy.
Hadrian, above, was adopted in 2004. Sally and David had him for six years and loved him so much. He was at least five to six years old when he was adopted-- with our rescues, we always have to guess their age.
Rest in peace, sweet Hadrian. ++++++++++++ +++++++++++++ ++++++++++
Most people have toilet paper hanging on the toilet paper holder in their bathroom. I have a doile. WHY? Because I have toilet paper shredding Pekingese.
I bought a pet/child proof toilet paper cover-- this is how much good it did.
Who could possibly be doing this? Take your pick! In all fairness, Caleb in front, and Pepper/Winston (the black one) are adopted, so we know it wasn't them.
Cranberry looks too sweet to do it. I know better.
Ty-Ty and Scooter are possibilities, too. But, I think Scooter is guilty-- WHY? Because I've caught him taking a trail of toilet paper down the hallway. And Cranberry will help if she gets a chance.
Scooter managed to get to it and tear it up. Toilet paper was everywhere. Who would want to use this?? Not me! It's really amazing how he managed to work around the PET PROOF holder! It doesn't work-- take my word for it.
So, this is what it looks like now. EMPTY. Or with a doile on it. Can you hang toilet paper in your house? :-) If you can, I'm envious!


lady jicky said...

In my house that would be - Kenzo!
He has not attacked the toilet paper for we make sure the door is shut but.... he can take out leaf after leaf of tissues in their boxes - I had a box load all over my house once and they were shredded to add to the fun!

I think you should have had mug shots like the police and every Peke has a card with its Police No. under their chins!

You can add Kenzo to the mug shots Linda but Missy Moi is innocent! LOL

Linda said...

I love the idea of mug shots!! So funny!

Gracie's Mom said...

Gracie doesn't shred, she unrolls and drags the paper thru the bedroom into th hall and is so pleased with her work. Love my girl.

Jeanne said...

Wow !! what we will put up with our pets :)......I don't have toilet paper shredding parties......I have toy shredding parties. Jill just can't seem to stand the stuffing to stay inside her toys. But it is cute.....Gotta love um......

Linda said...

My friend sent me this comment:
Hi Linda,
Guess I don't have a Google account to post my comment on your blog, so emailing my advice on important TP issue:

What would Cesar Millan do? (WWCD)
Cesar would "own" the toliet paper roll by standing in front of it & making sure the dogs see him claim it, take a piece of shredded paper & place it in front of any suspects and give them a "Tssst!". Repeat any necessary. Then change the subject. This is how mine stopped shredding newspaper. Good luck!

Karin said...

Buddy and Hadrian look like they were sweethearts.

Luckily we don't have a toilet paper problem here, but it sure is fun reading about yours:)

lady jicky said...

I dare Cesar to stop Kenzo!!!

emilyp said...

That gave me and my mother a huge laugh. We had a maltese years ago, Blanca, who was famous for taking toilet paper from the guest bathroom and running with it throughout the whole house. She would leave a trail of toilet paper that would stretch for miles:p