Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I know I say this over and over-- heat and Pekingese do not get along. Here is an article for you to read-- I want to make sure all the dogs are protected!! Click here: Dog Heatstroke Prevention and Treatment - Paw Nation
Remember Chloe-- she was adopted last month. She is so loved.
Her parents wanted a young black Peke-- Chloe is a little older and white. But, I guess opposites attract-- what they thought they wanted and what they now love are very different. :-) Chloe is showing off here.
Chloe LOVES her daddy!! She gives him lots of kisses and was so excited to see him after her vacation at Jeanne's. I think she's telling us she's really glad to be back on her daddy's lap!
And I think he's really glad to have her there!
And now it's time for a rest-- being loved so much is hard work. :-)


lady jicky said...

Isn't Ms Chloe a cute one!

So happy to see her in a wonderful furever home.

Karin said...

So happy for Chloe to have found such a loving home. She sure is a beautiful peke.

Linda, I got a prescription for Xanax for Ozzie, so thanks for the advice. I haven't had to give him one yet, but it's comforting to have something on hand just in case. My husband has been giving him daily backrubs/massages, which have helped Ozzie from having any anxiety attacks lately. We've even had some thunderstorms and he has managed to stay calm.

Jeanne said...

I loved this little girl. She was one of the best foster pekes. Not only very good but oh sooooo pretty.