Tuesday, July 6, 2010



-- Merrick Pet Care Inc. is recalling one lot of 10-ounce bags of Beef FiletSquares for Dogs because the dog treats could be contaminated withsalmonella. Salmonella can affect animals, and people who handlecontaminated pet food can become infected with salmonella, especially ifthey haven't thoroughly washed their hands. No illnesses have been reportedin people or pets, according to the Amarillo, Texas, company. The recalledBeef Filet Squares were shipped to distributors and retailers throughout theU.S. The treats were sold in 10-ounce plastic bags marked with the best bydate of March 24, 2012, and the lot number 10084TL7. For more information,consumers can call 800-664-7387.
Little Coco/Chloe is so beautiful. And I had to put in a few Peke pictures. I received this cat email and I thought it was so cute-- would be cuter if it was a Pekingese doing it. :-) I don't have any cats because I'm allergic to them. But, some of my best friends have cats-- so I enjoy them vicariously through them.
I love this bed/basket. I used it before and I could get so comfortable in it.
It seems a little small, but you're QUITE SURE that in recent years,
You've worn this size. So, you work with it...
You try it on different ways.....
From different angles you examine yourself.
Finally, you admit that it does feel "A LITTLE tight."
Someone offers you a larger size, which you find highly insulting.
I mean, it might be a tight fit, but you still look GOOD!! Haven't we all been there!
Gizmo and Cupcake are doing great in their new home. Here's a few pictures from their new owners. Gizmo-- there's that big tongue again. He's so happy with his new family!!
Cupcake loves her new home and the kids there!
I love rescue-- we get to see so many happy stories!!


lady jicky said...

I was getting a little worried about that cat!

I thought he was going to use that little basket as his litter box!

Mp said...

haha..what a funny cat that one is...he even looked like my childhood cat Ben..
And Gizmo become so handsome! Love that face..Can tell right on that he is greatly love in his new home..and Cupcake..sweet cupcake..beautiful!