Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Amee's Girls

It is the dog-days of summer. It's just too hot for flat-faced dogs to be outside! Darby and Sakks are just hanging out in their beds.
Or taking up both of them! This is Maddie who comes to visit.
Darby is the princess at this house-- she rules. Just like my Cranberry here. She has her mom and dad wrapped around her paws-- like most Pekes!
Darby sent me an email, so here it is. I love when the Pekes send me notes! ++++++++++++ To Ms. Linda – Mom shows me all of the things that the other pekes write in and you call it a blog so I wanted to write one too – I have to be important and have a job every once in a while, though I really love just laying in my bed.
So its been really hot here in Mechanicsville and me, Macy and Sakks were really hot and so mom decided that we needed an even shorter haircut that normal – those 100 degree days are hard on a little peke so this past weekend was grooming and bathing weekend at our house. My mom is a great groomer but I hate it and I bite – I really don’t like to have my toenails cut or my paw pads messed with – I tried to tell Mom that but she keeps telling me its for my own good so I don’t have problems with my feet – so she did them anyway and I did bite her but I tried to make it up to her. I can’t believe that I have been here almost 2 years now – time sure does fly where you are having fun and have a great home. I hope you and the gang are all doing really well – Mom keeps calling me baby Cujo – says she got it from you and your Starlight – I hope she doesn’t bite but if she does I am sure she doesn’t mean it – I am enclosing some pics – Macy, always the queen, doesn’t like her short haircut but we got a picture of her anyway – Happy Rest of the Summer – I sure will be glad when it cools off.
Love Darby (Darby, you need to be better with your nails-- Starlight let me trim her pads and cut her nails yesterday. She wants me to tell you to be better. haha)


Pekiegirl said...

Dear Darby, My mom is a groomer too, and I try to let her know that I, too, don't like her messing around with my feet and front legs! I also try to bite, but I do it gently, at first, just to let her know I hate it. But I bite a little harder if she doesn't back off, which she never does! She calls me her bipolar peke because I show her my foo face! When it's all done, I really like it because my feet don't have to be wiped off as much. Yoshi Bear

lady jicky said...

Hot your end of the world and its cold here right now.
Been over at my Mums for a few days.

Moi Moi likes a bath but Kenzo Hates it! LOL