Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Remember Maximus? He came into rescue in June.
He went to the "farm" with me-- where my daughter lives. What a happy boy! He was so good with the kids-- don't worry, we didn't leave him alone with the baby. And he really didn't get too close. But, he LIKED the baby. :-) Look at his grin!
My granddaughter loved to walk him.
Remember Maximus? He came into rescue in June. He is a happy, beautiful boy.
Maximus is in his foster home in Chesapeake, VA (near Norfolk). He loves his balls and toys.
He's planning his next attack.
Maximus had some BIG eye folds and he had tiny nose openings. SO, when he was neutered, we fixed those, too. You'll see pictures of him "after" in tomorrow's blog.
I think he must have known he was going to have all that surgery-- he looks a bit worried!
Maximus is acting very real. Look at that stance. :-)
Maximus loves to lay on the air conditioner vents. It's a cool place to lay on these hot days. He is about 2 years old, and just a great Peke. Here's a video of him: Click here: YouTube - maximus If you are interested in adopting him, just email

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lady jicky said...

I tell you Linda, that Max is a beauty and I love how he is looking after your cute grandkids!

I am sure - whoever adopts Mr Max they will get a wonderful dog plus a babysitter!!!!! LOL