Friday, July 16, 2010



from Carey and Caleb, contributor to our blog.

It's summer and most of us will have a vacation! Are you planning on bringing along your Peke companion? You will if you can! (I know mine are going with me this week-end-- it will be a full car!)
What will they need? Sunglasses! That's a good start.....
A party dress! HMMMM, well, yes, but I had a more practical list in mind. Here are some things you might want to include:
Food, treats, and Water-- don't forget the bowls, too. This is a good time to keep all the food the same, don't introduce something new on a trip. Their little systems will be a little out of whack anyway.

Bedding, extra collar, harness and leashes-- and name tags!!-- Make sure your cell phone number and an alternate number are on those tags. You think your pet won't get lost, but it happens.
A separate tag with vet's name and medication if your vet has a special medical issues.

First Aid Kit Were you reading? Just checking! :-) See yesterday's blog. Don't forget preventative medications.

Pet carrier with ID on it if you are where a carrier is required. (Never put a Pekingese in the baggage area of an airplane in the summer-- I won't do it anytime, but in the summer, that area simply gets too hot.)

Printed photos of your Peke/s with vital information on the back.

Pet waste bags

Copy of Vaccination record

Pet insurance policy information

All medications!!! (Several of mine are on seizure medication-- they MUST have this, and I cannot forget it!! Scooter and the terror Starlight have to have this.)

Shampoo and grooming supplies

Life vest if you will be on a boat.

Cool/heat pads.

Rescue remedy (helps keep them calm-- check with your vet of course)

And last....
But most important........Relax and take lots of pictures to share with us! Have a great trip!!!


lady jicky said...

I asked my two and here are their "Must Have" Going on Holiday Tips!

Moi Moi -
Visa Card and comfy shoes for all that holiday shopping !

Kenzo -

6 pack. :)

Essie said...

6 pack of what Kenzo? food?

lady jicky said...

Beer Essie! I am a Aussie you know :)