Sunday, July 25, 2010


I went to my daughter's farm for a week to help out while her husband was out of town. I got to be with my three grandchildren! LOVED IT.
I thought it would rain while I was there. You can look at these pictures from a previous visit and imagine yourself sitting on the porch, just watching and listening to the rain. BUT IT DIDN'T RAIN THIS TIME. It was HOT. And DRY.
I took all the dogs with me-- including sweet Sammy. We originally thought Sammy was about 8, but he is so active, so playful that we think he's younger. He is a strong boy, who loves to walk and you need a firm grip on his leash because he's ready to go! Look at these videos of him playing and tell me what you think-- he acts pretty young, doesn't he?
Click here: YouTube - sammyplaying2 Click here: YouTube - sammyplaying
He got his e-collar off and I took him his new foster home in N.Va. I miss him already. That's the hard part of rescue-- we have to keep letting them go.
I kept Ty with me-- he had a lot of practice walking on a leash. He's not crazy about it, but he walked along wtih Pi-Pi, one of my daughter's dogs.
He liked Kallie, too. Kallie tried to play with Sammy -- it was really cute.
Ty saw something in the distance. What was it?
He's looking under the fence for a better Peek-- or Peke. :-)
Oh, it's beautiful horses! My daughter has three horses and a pony.
She also has two Pekingese-- here's Lottie. She's over ten now and the queen there. She is actually related to the queen here (Cranberry). They're cousins-- must be something in the genes that makes them both want and demand to be queen.
Starlight helped the grandgirls do art projects. They were working with puffy paint-- I was hoping Starlight wasn't getting too close. I did NOT need a Puffy Paint Pekingese!

And then it was time to go home-- I had so much fun, and got to hold my 7 month old grandson a lot. I'm ready to go back! Where are you going this summer?


lady jicky said...

Winter here as you know Linda so - where did I go - we went with Kenzo to the Sunday Market down the road today.
Missy Moi was left at home to have some time without the atom bomb! Talking of "atom bombs" - I think Mr Sam is fantastic and you know , he could be 8 as I had a peke live to 17 and she was like that at 10 years! Spring chicken Linda! LOL
I really think those "queens" - Lottie and Cranberry should be re-named to Queen Elizabeth and Princess Margaret! LOL
I can see you and the kids had just the best time and your daughters home looks delightful!

Meghann said...

Addie got out of bed last night crying for Starlight. It was a stall tactic, but I thought it was cute that she missed Star so much :)

emilyp said...

Love the pics! This summer the dogs and I are relaxing:)

Karin said...

A week at the farm, enjoying your daughter and grandkids, sounds like a wonderful time. Starlight really has a connection with your granddaughters ~ so sweet.

Linda said...

Bitty Bit (my 3 year old granddaughter) woke up Sat. night crying for Starlight. :-( Of course, Starlight had gone home with me.

Jeanne said...

I want to live on Meghan's farm.....does have room for just one more?????

Linda said...

My daughter said Jeanne can come live with her if Jeanne will landscape her yard. :-) We all want a garden like Jeanne's!