Friday, July 2, 2010

Fireworks and Thunder/THIRTY-FIVE

I have to put this blog in-- it's about the Fourth of July. That's a time of celebration for all of us, but not for the dogs! So many dogs are terrified when fireworks (or thunder) start, and many dogs escape from their homes and yards. Some find their way home, but some end up in shelters or worse. Here are some tips:

1. Make sure you pet has a name tag on. ALL THE TIME. Some people remove collars when the dogs are inside. I don't understand this. Dogs can get out unexpectedly-- and with no name tag, no one knows how to help get them home. Keep a collar and name tag on your pet all the time. (I take them off when they get a bath, but they go right back on.)

2. All my pets are microchipped-- this is in addition to the collar, it's not a replacement for a collar/name tag. There are pets whose owners get them back because of microchipping. Sometimes, a collar can come off, and a microchip helps. But, it only helps if someone will have the dog checked for one. Some people put up signs in their neighborhood and if no one claims the dog, it might never go home (it could stay in the new place or just be put outside, or taken to a shelter). You want your precious pet back if it's lost.

3. When the fireworks begin, make sure your pets are INSIDE. Do not leave them unattended in the yard, because they can just be so afraid that they somehow get out of your fence. Dogs that are afraid of fireworks (thunder,too) are not "thinking" and just want to get away from the sound.

4. Some of my dogs have to be sedated before a thunderstorm. That means they will be sedated before the fireworks begin. I get medication from my vet.

5. Use "white noise" to block the sound of fireworks. I have a mega-fan and it makes some big white noise. This helps keep them calm. You can also have a TV or radio on louder than normal to block outside noises.
Here is an article on safety. Please do all you can to keep your pets safe over the holiday.

Click here: June Newsletter
I just wanted to say "YEA TEAM" to all my foster homes!! We've had THIRTY-FIVE adoptions so far this year! That's amazing. I have some incredible foster homes and I want to thank you all!! Here are some who have been adopted. (MAKE THAT THIRTY SIX-- SNUGGY JUST GOT ADOPTED!!!)
Polly Pockets loves her new life in Virginia.
Oscar now lives in Fredericksburg. His mom fosters for us, too.
Oreo lives in Chesapeake, Virginia. Isn't he cute! You can see why he is named Oreo.
Sweet Lacy now lives in Annapolis. And she has a pink bed!!
Douggy lives in Virginia Beach-- he has pink pillows!
Cocoa was our "Peke for a day" and now lives near Richmond.
CoCo, now Chloe, lives in Richmond, too. I think Richmond is winning on adoptions!
And sweet Caleb lives in Maryland. And he loves it!! He has a new best friend, Fu-Shing and they play a lot. Love you, Caleb!!! (He was one of my fosters, so he's extra special!)

To see the rest of our adopted dogs, just go to our web THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU WHO PLAYED A PART IN HELPING THESE DOGS FIND A NEW HOME!!!


lady jicky said...

Fireworks are no illegal here now but... the gov. can do firework displays done by professionals. We used to do crackers when i was a kid and there was always someone getting blinded etc.
I have a big park not that far from us and at Christmas and New years the council where I live puts on shows with the prof. fireworks at the end. I keep my dogs inside for so many get so scared and jump fences and get lost or hurt/killed on the busy roads and of course, the ranger who picks up the lost dogs gets mucho $$$ from the fines you have to pay because of THEIR fireworks when you pick your dog up! Huh!
My dear old Lulu was a "Yankee doodle dandie" for she was born on the 4th of July! I still miss her.
So - happy 4th of July gang!

Lovely seeing all those adoptions Linda! :)

cby said...

Thank you for an excellent blog. Well, they are all excellent, Linda, but this one in particular is a must read. Congratulations to every 2 and 4 legs involved in the foster and adoption process with PVPC!!

Statistically shelters nationwide show an increase in intakes the 10 days following the first week in July. Coincidence with lost pets?

Jeanne said...

Unfortunately a large number of the dogs who land in the shelter during July are let loose by folks going on vacation and do not want to pay to board them.....some claim them (if they are lucky) once they return from vacation. I know it's hard to believe but it happens.....Sad state of events.....

Karin said...

Soon EVERY household in Virginia will have a peke:)

what do you use to sedate your pekes? My Ozzie is VERY prone to anxiety attacks and I was wondering if you knew of something safe or natural that you've used.

Good Grief ~ I hadn't heard about people letting their pets go because they didn't want to pay for boarding!
Sad state of events, indeed!

Linda said...

I use xanax (alprazoam) for anxiety in my dogs. There are other anti-anxiety meds your vet may recommend, but I find the xamax works well. Just half of a .25 pill.

Karin said...

Thanks, Linda!