Saturday, July 10, 2010

MURPHY -- Car Temperatures

I want to give you an idea of how fast a car heats up. The first row is the Outside Temperature, the second is the Temperature In Car
and the third is how the Time it Takes to Reach that temperature.
75 100 10 minutes
75 120 30 minutes
85 90 5 minutes
85 100 7-10 minutes
85 120 30 minutes
100 140 15 minutes
* compiled by DFPS from various national sources

This summer heat is nothing to fool around with, NEVER leave a dog in the car-- even 75 degrees can become life threatening in a car. See this blog: Click here: family dog dogs in cars «
Remember Andy? He's now Murphy. He wasn't in rescue very long-- he was SO SWEET, but he had a lot of skin problems. His personality won the love of his new owner.
He loves his new home and is waiting while his mom fixes his dinner. He's on an allergy diet now, just in case that's why his skin has trouble. His mom is having him all checked out and if he needs to see an allergist, he will. I just love this new mom-- she is what I'm looking for all of the foster dogs. She is totally committed to this little -- well, big-- boy!
He is walking into the kitchen or maybe it's the family room. His buddy, Nick, is behind him.
I guess it was the family room! Murphy is playing with his new friends and everyone sleeps on the bed together. Look at this handsome face! His new mom says she already can't imagine life without him. Now don't you wish YOU had adopted him!? :-)


lady jicky said...

Oh yes - a car really heats up so quickly in the heat and I am so surprised that people will leave their dogs or babies in them !!!

I am so happy to hear about Murphy and I do hope his skin problem is solved so he can just get on having a great time in his new home! :)

Jeanne said...

I had the pleasure of having Murphy at my home for a little while....before he was adopted. He had to be the nicest and sweetest peke I have seen. He has great new parents. They are the best pet owners. I'm thrilled they adopted him.....he has the best "fur-ever" home. Give him a hug please.

lady jicky said...

Oooo Jeanne - that is lovely to hear!
It must be hard to see a special peke that you look after and secretly love go but ... to see them in a loving new family and sadly, you probably have a new little one to look after arrived soon after!
You are very special people :)

Karin said...

What a sweetheart Murphy is! I'm so glad his owner is diligent in getting to the cause of his skin issues.

Jeanne said...


You are so right. It's so hard to let them go some times. I have two special little girls now. Bella and Ruby. They have stolen my heart...I have someone who is interested in adopting both of them together. Other wise one may be staying here :). I have two of my former fosters for a week. Both of their owners are on vacation. It's nice to have them back. I love being able to see them once they are adopted.