Monday, July 12, 2010


Ollie and Buffy were both adopted from PVPC. They parents adore them and can't imagine what life would be without them. BORING I'm sure! The Pekes keep them very entertained! These two really love each other and they romp and play and run through the house stealing toys from each other and having tugs of war. They both love walking and visiting around the neighborhood.
Oh, don't you love looking at this picture in July!! It's so hot outside (except in Australia where Lady Jicky is and it's cold there), so pretend you are sitting in the snow with Buffy and you'll cool right down. Buffy loves the snow!
Ollie is on the alert-- I love his harness. Pekes should wear harnesses when they go for a walk to protect their throat. Ollie was one of my foster dogs and was adopted before Christmas several years ago. This past year, I took my grandkids up to see their house at Christmas and it's going to become a yearly tradition. I love visiting and seeing their beautiful decorations!! (Okay, is talking about Christmas making you cold-- I hope so, we can use anything to cool us down.)
They all came to the Peke Picnic this year. Buffy is meeting a new friend-- it's not Starlight. It looks like Starlight the Terror, but it's not.
All the Pekes at the picnic were so cute! And there I am at the picnic holding Caleb and Maggie-- Maggie was one of my foster dogs who was adopted last year. And Caleb, of course, now contributes to the blog now and then. ;-) He's our "Maryland contributor."

Back at home, Buffy loves sitting in front of the window, surveying the neighborhood.
Here is Buffy with Flat Stanley-- he was a school project for one of the grandkids. Buffy looks very innocent here, but don't let her fool you. She pulled Flat Stanley apart!
Yes, she did! She also likes to nip at Ollie whenever he gets any attention from anyone and she won't let him get on the bed or his mom's lap without a fuss. She's such a girl! Female Pekes can try to rule! I know-- we have Queen Cranberry here!
Here they all are with Flat Stanley-- I think he's still in one piece there.
It was a long day-- and they're both tired. I think they're going to take a npa. I think Ollie will be asleep first.
And they are!


lady jicky said...

Snow on the mountains Linda --- for me to see snow I would have to drive about 3 hours to get to our snow fields. I have yet to see snow! LOL One day.

Oooo - kenzo would have your flat Stanely dead and buried . He is a first class chewer!

I adore that last photo Linda and I am so happy to see Ollie and Buffy have a great home !

Karin said...

That's funny - "dead & buried" :)

They've all got that "innocent act" down perfectly, don't they?
My Sisqo goes ballistic when he's on the bed and anyone (human or canine) enters the room.

cby said...

I laughed myself to tears over Flat Stanley. Thank you for the cathartic blog!

Linda said...

We need a good laugh!! ;-)

Jackie said...

I'm Ollie and Buffy's Aunt and they are the best friends. Ollie scrapbooks with me, he sits in my lap, while Buffy sleeps on my feet. Their Mom and Dad are the best parents and I enjoy my days spent with all of them.

Marilyn said...

The pictures are darling! I bet the two of them get into more then twice the fun and mischief than two dogs living in separate homes.