Thursday, July 29, 2010


All of you know Starlight. Yesterday's blog referred to her as Baby Cujo-- a name she shares with Darby. Darby, take note-- Starlight is doing much better! Here she is with my grandson "Drill Bit." She's really amazing with children! Who would have known two and a half years ago that she would be so good!

She was sitting on the blanket with the baby and my daughter leaned over-- so Starlight jumped up and gave her a kiss. I know, you all have your mouths hanging open in stunned disbelief! Starlight loves to be held-- she HAD to be on the deck chair with me. She was perfectly content to lay behind me. :-)
And now she's watching the baby again-- check out those thighs. This is not an underfed baby. This is not from junk food-- it's all natural, just like God intended. :-) Notice the baby is in the xpen and Starlight and the rest of the dogs (NINE that day) were outside the xpen. Had to keep the baby from being run over.
Maximus' foster parents were at my house and Starlight loved them. She even got up to give David a kiss while Scooterbug sat on his lap.
But, a few night ago, my son in law and daughter were over. Starlight has barked at Jeremy for six years! But, that night, she came up to him to be picked up. Starlight has short legs and cannot jump on the couch. Jeremy said, "do I try this?" He picked her up and she didn't go "postal" on him.
She curled up on his lap and let him rub her tummy. WOW.
She rolled over for a better position.
Oh, yes, that's the spot. She is now well up on his lap. And being nice!
Jeremy was amazed and Starlight sat up for another picture before rolling over again. Miracles never cease!


lady jicky said...

Linda , Menopause can do that to a gal. :)

Fiona Ross said...

The taming of the shrew! Seriously, though, that's what patient,tender, loving care can do for a dog - or just about anything/anyone. Love it!

emilyp said...

Haha! Love the pics:)

Karin said...

Wow, Starlight! How long have you had her, Linda?
One of mine is grumpy and nippy but he can be the sweetest at times. My daughter always says, "He's just misunderstood." Miss Starlight must feel wonderfully understood:)

Linda said...

Starlight came into rescue 2 1/2 years ago-- she bonded with us right away, but was terried of others. She would not let any adopter touch her and she acted like she would tear them apart-- but she never bit. She's still afraid of strangers, but so loving once she trusts you. She's a Daddy's girl, too.

Pekiegirl said...

I'm still waiting for Yoshi to accept my husband, Chris! It's been 2 1/2 years since we adopted him, and he always growls at him everytime Chris trys to pet him! He gives him the Foo Dog face!! LOL!

Jane Garrett said...

Starlight has finally decided that you are worthy of her love. She is a really smart Peke.