Saturday, July 3, 2010


Sammy and I went to see Coco (above) and Janey (foster dog). We went to the back yard so they could wander around some.

I took Sammy's e-collar off so he could navigate with more ease. Coco followed him down.

He seemed a little unsure, so Coco encouraged him to come on out in the yard.

She followed him around and they acted like buddies. You wouldn't think they had just met! Sammy is so docile, no aggression at all.

He wanted to check out the yard, but didn't seem bothered at all by the other dogs barking in the next yard.

It was time to go in, and Sammy went first-- and right into the glass doors! I guess he thought there was another beautiful Peke there-- he kept trying to figure out how to find it! I ran to get my camera, but he had quit looking. Donna was laughing and so was I. Pekes can do things that are so funny-- and as soon as you realize they haven't hurt themselves, you can laugh-- it won't hurt their feelings.

There he is for another look!

Janey came to see us off.

Sammy liked it there-- so did I!

Coco said good-bye. You are so cute, Coco!!

Look at her smile.

Can you tell I enjoyed taking her pictures?

I like taking your picture, too, Sammy. Maybe one day soon, you'll have your very own home, just like Coco! I hope so.


lady jicky said...

Its lovely to go visiting !!!

emilyp said...

The glass door is hilarious!! It looks like a great time was had by all the Pekes :)

Dawn-Marie said...

I really need to get a full length mirror.That looks like allot of fun for a Peke!