Sunday, July 18, 2010

Jeanne's Garden and Dogs

Jeanne, as you know, is my co-director. She does so much. She has an incredible heart for the dogs. Here she is with her DiDi-- a foster she could not part with. DiDi feels the same way.
Group nap time is normal there. Let's all get on one bed-- even though there are many to choose from.
Jill Lee was having extra snuggle time.
I had to throw this picture in. Jill Lee isn't a Peke, but she is so cute!! This is her baby picture. :-) Jill Lee has to put up with all the Pekes who come there for fostering.
Bernie is about to be adopted-- I think he's saying, "Mom,Dad, where are you?? Come fast!"
This is in Jeanne's garden-- can you see the nest? And the bird?
Things are blooming and growing. The dogs have a scenic walk-way in the back yard.
They have beautiful flowers to look at.
This is Coco, now Chloe. She was adopted from rescue and she came to visit Jeanne while her mom and dad were out of town. Isn't she beautiful!
She loves to be at Jeanne's.....
But, she was so excited when her mom and dad came back. She gave them LOTS of kisses!!
And here is Gracie, Jeanne's sister in law's Bishon. She looks like a little stuffed animal. As Jeanne says, she's way too cute!!!
I'm going to visit Jeanne-- so I'll get to see who is there now! I love to see her garden. And sit and chat with Jeanne!


lady jicky said...

have a lovely time with Jeanne Linda and I wonder who will be at her house and pretty garden this time?

cby said...

The saying goes, "A picture says 1,000 words." What better way to express the mission of PVPC than the photo of Didi and Jeanne? You're awesome, Jeanne!... and what a great way to start my day! Thanks!

Jeanne said...

Thanks Cary. That was really nice of you to say. I just love working with this rescue and Linda makes the difference. We have met so many wonderful folks who love these little pekes like Linda and I do. We can only do one at a time but we do make a difference....!!!!!Thanks to all who have adopted and given these dogs their "fur-ever" homes.

Linda said...

Thank you Jeanne! I couldn't do it without you!

Karin said...

Great pictures! I agree, Gracie doesn't look real. Love Chloe!
I also agree about the picture of Didi and Jean ~ it should be a poster for your organization!