Thursday, September 16, 2010

Caleb and Sweater Weather

Caleb, in my favorite picture of him, has contributed another blog-- he's my occasional guest writer for the blog. :-) His mom made him a sweater and this is his story:
I wonder what's up now? Playtime gets interrupted a lot around here.
Caleb, you are ALWAYS playing! Summer's over, so you need to give up the flip flop.
Listen carefully and try this on, please.
Oh brother, will someone explain to me what sweater weather is?
You're adorable, Caleb! All ready for fall!
No one told me being fall fashionable was so exhausting!

Oh, Caleb, you are just too cute!!


lady jicky said...

As Moi Moi always says - "you have to suffer for fashion!" LOL

Beth said...

Love those longer ears. He's looking fabulous--and fashionable!

Ania M. Milo said...

Too funny!!!

I want to make a special sweater for Yoshi.
Caleb, can you please ask your mom where I can find a good pattern?


emilyp said...

LOL, so cute!

cby said...

Here's a website that has the cutest and coolest patterns for sweaters. Best of all, it's free!