Friday, September 10, 2010

Rose Bud aka RB UPDATE

I want to extend our sympathy to Dian (our club treasurer) on the death of her beloved Irish Setter Rory. He was at the PVPC spring picnics and was a beautiful boy. We are so sorry for your loss, Dian. Rest in peace, Rory.
Rose Bud aka RB was one of the Bristol Pekes. Here she was at the back yard breeder's "home." Uncared for, filthy, sick, and heartworm positive.
But, now she's at Jeanne's and is thriving. That's Katrina in the middle and Ju Li (Julie) in front. They are so happy to be safe.
She just had a bath here and was in front of the fan. It feels great on a warm day. She began her heartworm treatment which should be completed this month.
She loves to play and be loved. She learned to go out the doggy door at Jeanne's and loves to sit on the back deck or patio with her.
She will be spayed and have her teeth cleaned once she is healthier (after her heartworm treatment is done). She is doing so well, and is learning what it's like to live in a house. These Bristol Pekes never experienced that.
I love her teeth-- she has a bit of an underbite!!! She had just had a bath....which she did not like one tiny bit :) but this is the first time she has shown any interest in playing. She is really feeling safe and come around so quickly. She is one sweet little girl.
Rose Bud/RB, you are a beautiful girl!!

If you want to know about puppy mills and back yard breeders, you can read Saving Gracie, by Carol Bradley. It's a story of a beautiful dog saved from this life-- just like our "Bristol 18."

A friend of Jeanne's sent a comment-- all of your encouraging comments really keep us going! Here's what she said: "Sometimes I just need a lift! Who could look at what you and Linda do with this site and not smile? They are ALL just too sweet. We had a close friend one time that said that all anyone ever really needed was to put their hand on a good animal every day. I'm certain no one ever tells you all enough what a wonderful thing you do. " THANK YOU TO ALL WHO ENCOURAGE US!
Linda and Jeanne
Rescue Directors


lady jicky said...

I think Rose Bud has just the most beautiful colouring Linda!!

Mary Elizabeth said...

Rose Bud is such a little sweetheart. I enjoyed getting to meet her. Her buddy Brandy is doing great. I can't believe how the Bristol 18 are bouncing back with just a bit of love and care!

emilyp said...

RB is gorgeous!!! The coloring is beautiful. It is amazing how happy the Bristol 18 are looking now. It is so good to see them just being dogs:)

cby said...


I am so sorry to hear about Rory. He is a beautiful special guy. I am fortunate to have met him.

cby said...


I am so sorry to hear about Rory. He is a beautiful special guy. I am fortunate to have met him.