Sunday, September 26, 2010

Yoshi...Fozy/ DiDi/Betty

Check out the "artwork" that Jeanne did on one of her former foster dogs. I think this is so neat--- looks like we have a gallery shot of DiDi/Betty:
Yoshi has been with his new family for a few months now. His mom is Ania, who did the Peke painting of Fozy, a Peke she rescued and hoped to keep. (His owner found him and took him home. Not the best place to live, but she was his owner.)
Yoshi has so many toys to play with. And he loves each one of them!
but he's thinking......
Can you see Fozy's picture at the top of the stairs. Yoshi is in deep thought-- but we can assure him. He is as great as Fozy! He's his own special little man, who is very loved by his mom. Don't worry, Yoshi. We all love you. :-)


lady jicky said...

It was a shame that Fozy's owner was found but..... Never mind Yoshi your super cute!

Hey Jeanne --- where do you find those HUGE picture frames???? LOL

emilyp said...

Yoshi is gorgeous..and I bet a super awesome Peke:) I loved the pic of him with the toy, Newmie does that all the time.

Unknown said...

Thanks Linda! And the story-line it great!

If Yoshi only knew how "famous" he is on your blog, he would stop worrying so much!!! ;-)