Sunday, September 19, 2010


Sometimes, I just have to include a cute video-- so here's one. It's of a puppy who falls in love with a cat. :-) Enjoy! Click here: Dog Falls For Cat
Rusty was a little one who was rescued and now lives a life of love and safety. If you remember, he was abandoned in a garage when his family moved, leaving him alone. I don't understand how people can do this.
Rusty rests most of the time now since his heart is enlarged and he has trouble getting around.
HIs food is close and he is a very pampered Peke. And rightfully so!
He has a soft comfy bed and they carry him in this to avoid putting too much pressure on him.
But, sometimes, he gets up and finds that special piece of sunshine that Pekes seem to like. Yes, his life is good and full of love.
Rusty has been with his family for 16 months now and is getting older. The vet thinks he is about 12. He is coughing and they found out he has a heart murmur and other health issues. The hot weather has been hard for him-- I know he'll be glad when fall arrives with cooler temperatures.
Rusty enjoys his life in comfort on his beds, but he also likes to get in bed with his "boy" and sleep. He can take up the entire bed!
He doesn't look that big, but when a Peke stretches out, they can take up a big section! I know, my Cranberry does it to us all the time!


lady jicky said...

Oooo what a lovely old boy is Rusty and I just love the first photo in his dark red bed! That is a Major Snoooooze going on there!

Yes - pekes can find a spot of sun and relax - well, until Kenzo pushes you out of it hey Moi Moi:)

Keep well Mr Rusty and watch your weight big boy - less stress on your heart! :)

Jeanne said...

What a sweet story. Rusty is very happy it seems to have found this fur-ever home. He seems like a very sweet peke. I'm so glad he was rescued. Nice blog.

Essie said...

Hey Rusty. I hear you have a Girlfriend. You are such a handsome boy. It is no wonder you have so many friends! I sure hope your weather is finally cooling down enough for you to take cool morning walks. They are the best. The birds sing the loudest during the morning!
Meggie Mei says "she tinks you iz a Heart breaker". She said to tell you to "hold her heart tight and she is in luv".................

emilyp said...

Thanks for sharing those pics of Rusty..what a sweet looking boy:)

Karin said...

919What a sweet face Rusty has! He looks so darling sleeping all curled up in his soft little bed. I can tell Rusty's family is taking the best care of him.

My Mocha is twelve and has congestive heart failure as well. He takes six pills a day, which have really helped reduce the coughing. Thankfully he still gets around pretty well:)