Friday, September 17, 2010


This is Cubbie Woo before I got him. He was less than a pound and a half and so sick. He's come so far though.
He is with Paige in Maryland-- his coat is slowly coming in after the hatchet job the child did on him with scissors
He's posing so pretty for his pictures.
Yes, we see how gorgeous you are. I know we have three puppies in rescue right now and they are all so pretty. Everyone has their favorites. :-) Here's a video of him that Paige sent to show how smart he is: Click here: YouTube - Comecubby
Oh, what's that-- Barney, the dinosaur has showed up to have a conversation with Cubbie. Cubbie is trying to ignore him-- or he's in shock at a purple dinosaur!
Okay, what is it you want, little dinosaur? You sure seem to have a lot to say.
Finally, he escaped from the dinosaur and is out in the grass. Can you see his hair growing back? He's getting some fuzz on his tail.
And now he'll sit down and enjoy the flowers and the grass and the butterflies...
Cubbie is having stenotic nares surgery on Monday, so we'll let you know how he does. Say a little prayer for him!


Pekiegirl said...

I love this little guy! He's so cute!

lady jicky said...

I had to look up the surgery and now I know what it is - no more snoring for the Chub! :)

I am sending big fat and yet, cute vibes for the Chubby on surgery day!

I am glad to see his hair growing back and when its all full again - the Cub will break hearts! :)

Essie said...

Oh Cubbie, you are one very handsome little guy. I just love those big brown eyes of yours. You are becoming such a spoiled little one. I will be Praying your sugery goes well.
Love you,
Auntie Essie

emilyp said...

he is absolutely adorable!!! I want to grab him and snuggle:p I love him posing for pictures...he knows how cute he is;)

Newmie had the same surgery, I tell people it was his nose job;) GL Cubbie!!