Saturday, September 4, 2010


Cubbie Woo went to Maryland to be fostered. Puppies are a LOT of work! Okay, okay, they are really fun-- but they are like babies. Before he left, I put him in the bathroom with me while I put on make up. I put a mirror on the floor to keep him entertained. It was so funny. He barked at himself, tried to find the puppy behind the mirror. He's a SMART dog-- right Paige? :-) (That's his new foster mom.)
Click here: YouTube - CubbieWooMirror Here he is. When he couldn't find the puppy, he just walked away. You can hear his tag jangling on the floor.
Now he's in Maryland and trying to sleep with Merit. Merit was one of our foster dogs who was adopted by Paige. The puppy loves Merit. I'm not sure if it's reciprocal.
Okay, Cubbie Woo-- are you telling me he DOES love you? I believe you!
But, if you keep grabbing and biting his tail, that may change. Give Merit a break, not a bite!
That's right-- bite the ball. It won't feel the pain. You like your ball. Paige said you learned here how to fetch-- and you remembered! So, she played fetch with you. Here you are: Click here: YouTube - cubbiefetchingVID00025 20100831 0756
You are one cute puppy!!


lady jicky said...

I know a guy called Kenzo who would LOVE to play with Cubbie Woo!
They would even bite eachother! LOL

He is one cute peke Linda!

Pekiegirl said...

He is just too cute! He and Shami would have a "ball" together!

Tracey said...

Hi Linda, Puppies are so cute and so much work!!! I can not believe that my puppy Macy (black Peke puppy adopted from Portsmouth SPCA) is a year old! I'm so glad that we now sleep through the night! Thank you for sharing the pictures!

emilyp said...

Oh he is so adorable!!! I love that last pic of him, too cute!

Karin said...

Puppies definitely demand ALL your time and attention ~ it's a good thing they are the cutest thing ever:) Love that last photo!

Unknown said...

The adventures of Cubbie Woo, he is so sweet to watch. He should be a cartoon character in a book for children. Nikki (Gracienoid)