Monday, September 13, 2010


Romeo is one of the Bristol 18. Here he is at the back yard breeder's home. Like the rest, he was in horrible condition.
In spite of all the lack of care, he is still a sweet boy! He is in his foster home in Richmond now his foster mom decided he looks like a Sam. You can call him anything as long as it's said with love, which he gets a lot of now! Sam has discovered it's fun to be a dog. And to find places to climb into. :-)
I think he's found a good place to take a nap-- is that a book he can use as a pillow?
I know you're trying to stay awake, but it's okay to just close your eyes and rest. You're safe now, you're clean and you have toys and food and friends to play with.
This picture is a little fuzzy, but I'm sure we'll get more from his foster mom Sonia. Look how cute he is! I know I keep saying, "this is one of the prettiest we have." I can't help it-- I think they're all so beautiful. I think they're all the smartest and best and sweetest...... I know, I keep saying this!
Oh, this feels good to have Sonia rub my back and hold me.
You are a pretty boy, Sam!


lady jicky said...

You know Linda, that Sam is one handsome man and I can't see him staying too long in his foster home!

I feel an adoption coming on...... OK , put him in a suitcase and send him to Australia!
Mind you, my pretty , pretty boy Kenzo will not be happy......Tough!:)

emilyp said...

Sam is definitely adorable!!