Wednesday, September 22, 2010


This is a blog on an unusual Peke-- but here's an unusual deer/fawn. I love leaning in for a snack!!
Puggy the Pekingese has the longest tongue! He has won a spot in the Guinness World Records 2011 for his tongue which is longer than any I've even seen! He was a stray, who wandered up to a house and went under the porch. The person's cousin came by and he came out to her-- all covered with mange and hair like straw. He was desperately in need of medical help. After convincing her husband they DID need a third dog :-), Puggy came to live with them-- he is now very healthy, happy and has two doggy friends. If you want to see his web site, just go to: or
You can watch his video on: His new owner ends her story about him (from the link above) by saying: "STRAY AND NEGLECTED DOGS NEED HOMES, TOO, SO DON'T BE AFRAID TO GIVE THEM A CHANCE." I couldn't agree with her more. If you have room in your home and heart for one of our Pekes, please fill out an application.


lady jicky said...

Now that is a big tongue and I have to say I would see if it could be surgically reduced for it must be tiring for him and he would get dehydrated alot , don't you think?

CrisL09 said...

Gabe and I saw this on the news a few nights ago and it was on the MSN Home Page too! Thats amazing - poor thingI bet its a little awkward to drink water. I think the 3 puppies in foster should win the cutest award.

emilyp said...

I wonder how he drinks or eats?! I would like to think the vet Puggy sees would have said it should be altered if it would really affected his health. It seems that he is doing well and thriving. Still, very odd to leave it.

Linda said...

Removing part of his tongue if it was not causing him problems would not be advisable. Taste buds, the whole understructure, would be compromised-- so if all is well, leave it alone. :-) I think he is thriving. It just looks odd.

Karin said...

Goodness gracious ~ if you hadn't said his tongue really is that long I would've thought for sure it had been photo-shopped. It doesn't seem like it would be possible to fit it all in his cute pug-shaped little mouth. Tongues do go way down into the throat so maybe his muscles are just more relaxed and allow more of the tongue to come out??? Very interesting. He is a very pretty peke and I'm happy for him to have found a loving home.