Saturday, November 20, 2010

Caleb's Missing Goldfish Part 2

Dear Linda,Inspector Caleb here. On the case of the missing goldfish. Did you guess who my first suspect was?
Sure you did. My prime suspect was Fu Shing. She takesALL my toys.
"Not this time, Caleb. I am totally innocent of taking your goldfish."
My next suspect was Zoe. She's big and strong.
"Not me, Inspector Caleb." " I'm a service dog, we have a code of honor."
AH HA! The cat did it. She's sneaky AND has motive. I do chase her around the house even though I'm told not to.
"Nope, not me Inspector Caleb." "I prefer chicken to fish."
I know! It was Ms. Scarlett, with the rope, in the kitchen! Caleb. I think you've run out of suspects. Perhaps you might think about where you've been.....(To be continued.....Part 3 tomorrow!)


lady jicky said...

I tell ya - I have it Caleb!
yeah, me - Kenzo and if you want to see your little fishy mate again you have to hand over 1 million big ones - in used notes!

Oh - don't involve the Police - or that fish will take a long swim to China.


cby said...

Dearest Melinda, thank you for the additional smiles you give everyday on this blog. Between you and Caleb I'm smiling all day long.

Jeanne said...

If Caleb has to visit Melinda to retrieve his Goldfish I would volunteer to go with him. I would love to visit Kenzo in Australia. So give me a heads up and I will get packed. !!!!

emilyp said...

LOL, love it!

lady jicky said...

Your On Jeanne!!!