Tuesday, November 16, 2010



Petey came into rescue last spring-- he was with a foster mom in northern Virginia. He came from an animal control and was thought to be around 4-5 years old.
He's a little Peke at ten pounds. His foster mom was getting very attached to him-- just like the rest of us. We get in the Peke's faces and give them kisses, and snuggle with them-- we just have a chance to love them for awhile.
Look at this boy-- people who don't foster have no idea what a privilege it is to help and love these dogs. And Petey was a privilege for his foster mom to have-- as I've said before, we're just the bridge for them to get to their new homes.
I don't know anyone who could resist this face!! He is such a well-behaved dog, a little shy at first, but all you have to do is offer him a belly rub.
Well, Petey had someone who wanted him to come live forever with their family. This is his new mom and his first trip to the beach. She said he loved chasing the birds and watching the surfers. He was very happy and having a great time. I agree with Petey-- going to the beach here is something I love to do, too.
Petey runs in circles when he sees his harness-- that means he's going for a walk! He loves to be outside. I'm so glad he has his forever home now!! Tell your mom to give you a hug for me!


emilyp said...

He is so cute! Yay for Petey and his mom!

lady jicky said...

That Petey looks like one of those childrens toys that needs a battery -- He is SO cute he does not look real!!!!

Jenny said...

Ahh.... thanks Linda for doing a blog on Petey Bear. He is even cuter in person- you've got to meet him! He is such a good boy when left alone that he has free reign of the house when we leave- no gates, no crates- no sir, not for Petey! He LOVES to sleep with us at night and will cry to be let on/off! He is so funny. Petey has always had a fear of baths since I got him, but yesterday was the first day he did not shake in the tub! (treat bribes are working!) He LOVES Datsuns, belly rubs, treats AND... The Great Outdoors. He is my baby angel :) ~ Petey's Mommy