Sunday, November 14, 2010


I showed this picture the other day when I told you I was picking up Wicket, my daughter's dog to come to my vet for eye surgery. He had a tumor in his eye and it had to be removed. We trust my vet a lot, so he came here.
The day before surgery, he was resting and thinking, "do I really want to go through this?"
"Maybe if I just hide here in the laundry room, she'll forget to take me." I wish. But, he needed surgery and care, and we want him to have many more years-- he's 11 now, but in great health and so sweet.
When I picked him up after surgery, he still wagged his tail. He was glad to see me. It would have been better if it had been my daughter, but he likes me, too. :-) Now, the road to recovery has begun and he's back home with his mom. He'll come back for Thanksgiving and to get his stitches out. The whole gang will be here-- his mom, dad, the "bits" (Lil Bit, Bitty Bit, and Drill Bit). And his dog friends, Lottie, Sweetie Pi and Kallie. And then, there are my dogs-- and my foster dog, Coco. It will be a full fun house!
And Wicket will look better and will heal. He's doing amazingly well already-- just three days after surgery. These sweet dogs can teach us so much by their uplifting spirits. Just watch them-- kindness, love, wagging tails even after surgery. They just take life, one moment at a time, and give lots of love. It's a good lesson!
Before I end, I had to include another "pink bed" picture or two. Wicket's "sister", a shepherd mix named Sweetie Pi, decided she could fit in the pink bed. It was in the corner of the kitchen, and she crawled in.
Pi, I just don't think you fit! :-)


emilyp said...

awww, speedy recovery wishes from all of us to Wicket:)

Sweetie Pi looks hilarious in the bed, love it!

Meghann said...

Wicket is my original "Bit"--Wickabit :)
He is doing great, enjoying all the love and wandering on the farm today (with us of course).

Pi wants a pink bed of her own lol

lady jicky said...

Oooooo that eye looks sore but it will get better Wicket !

As for Pi in the pink bed --- do you think his bum is stuck in it???