Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Melinda, in Australia, isn't having fall now. She's headed into summer there. So, I'm going to do a blog on the autumn beauty here in Virginia. Here are some of the ornamental pear trees-- their colors are vivid. They have no fruit, so why are they call a pear tree?? It's a mystery. (Jeanne just emailed and said: The first photo on your blog has Crape Myrtles not Bradford pears.....:) THANKS JEANNE!
Starlight really thinks the blog will be on her, so I'll include some pictures of her to appease her. She had a dental today and is "put upon"-- you know, the little princess had to spent time at the vet. Oh, poor vet!
My grandson, Beach Bit, is now spending his days with me since my daughter returned to work (with tears in her eyes!). Starlight LOVES children and is trying to give him a kiss. Or steal his pacifier. Did it taste good?
Jeanne sent me pictures of some of the trees in her yard. They're stunning! Don't you think so, Melinda?
The deep reds and yellows we get in Virginia are so pretty.
Now this is unbelievable-- look at how vivid this is. Don't you want to see it in person, Melinda?? I bet Kenzo and MoiMoi do!
This one is beginning to change-- it still has green on it, but it will get brighter and more beautiful.
Beach Bit and I took a drive today (okay, so it was to the vet to get Starlight), but I took some pictures, too.
Starlight was so glad to be home!! She's curled up while I hold the baby.
We have a lot of colonial style buildings here (I love it!) and the setting in the fall is so pretty.
This one is still changing.
Scooter doesn't care a bit -- he's just vegging on the ottoman. Look out the window Scooter! Look at the colors in our own trees-- OPEN YOUR EYES. Oh well. I guess he doesn't love the autumn like I do.

I know many of you live where the fall colors are beautiful, too. But, if you don't, I had to share some of the splendor with you.


lady jicky said...

Oh what wonderful Colour!!!!

So pretty and I too love those buildings!
I must buy a lottery ticket and maybe I will win and visit you all! Hey - someones got to win them! LOL

Little Beach Bit is being looked after Nurse Peke and you know those Peke nurses are Tough!!! LOL
Oooo, you must be VERY busy now Linda !

Cris said...

The best thing about living in Virginia is FALL !!! Since we have lived in mostly warmer climates I never really got to experience the 4 seasons and I think autumn is my favorite season too! I'm glad Starlight (or the vet) wasn't too traumatized lol. And I think Scooter Bug is thinking why I haven't come to see HIM recently so he can "talk" to me some more lol. All your pekes are precious. You'll have to let me know where is the best place to take pictures here locally because I need new family pictures done.

emilyp said...

Those are some gorgeous colors in your pictures! Thank you so much for sharing:)Unfortunately, here in Washington State we have lost most of our beautiful colors because of a ridiculous windstorm the past 2 days:/

Linda said...

Emily, my husband loves Washington state-- he went to high school there.

emilyp said...

Linda, we love it here too!! This is our second time here, we are hoping to finish out the next 8 years here! Though, I do wish I was a bit closer to you guys in Virginia!