Monday, May 16, 2011


This 2 1/2 year old little boy was taken to a shelter by his owner. She was devastated to leave him-- but she lost her house and had no way to care for him. He was devastated, too.

He's with us now-- and he's safe. He is very shy right now, but I know he'll come out of his shell. Look at that smile, can you see his personality peeking out.

He was looking around the vet's waiting room, looking at everyone.

He's not too sure what is happening in his life, but he'll soon find out he's safe and loved with us. His foster mom and dad, Tiffany and Mike, will make sure of that.

He is only 13.5 pounds, and not aggressive. Just a timid boy who is waiting to blossom.

He's going to have a dental and be neutered this week, along with having his nasal folds reduced. Then, he'll be ready for a new home!

I think he's excited about that! A new home and lots of love! We need a name for him, so send on the suggestions!!! (Yes, we know his original name, but it sounds very "girly" to me. We'll make sure we let his adopters know his original name.)


Pekiegirl said...

How about Timmy? So sad for his former owner. Didn't she let the shelter know his name?

Dana said...

How about Honey?

lady jicky said...

That is so sad Linda.

My husband likes the name Rufus.

Wesley, Emily, Mo Mo, and Wendel said...

How about Harry? Like Prince Harry :)

Karin said...

Love that face ~ what a cute little golden boy!
For some reason the name Brody came to mind ~ do you have a Brody yet?

emilyp said...

He definitely is gorgeous. I love the gold coloring:) I hate what bad economic times force people to do:( I am so glad he is safe now with PVPC rescue:)

Toni Davis said...

Tyrone, what a great looking young man!

Toni Davis said...

Tyrone! He is absolutely gorgeous. He reminds me of my very first peke. His name was Cowboy. Then I got another one and her name was Cowgirl (but I called her CG).
Anyway, this guy is breathtaking!

Jennie said...

My heart just broke reading this for the the owner. What a sweet little boy; I'm glad he's in a great foster home.

Best wishes,