Tuesday, May 10, 2011


One of my foster mom's great granddaughter's helped with getting Portia out of the shelter-- she was such a good sport about the long day she went through!! Here's Portia's story:

We received a request to help a black Peke who had been at the shelter awhile. Jeanne and I really do our best to make sure they are PEKES. We ask: does it have a flat face, bowed legs..... What I forget is WE know what Pekes are supposed to look like, but many people don't. Shelter workers are inundated with animals, and they do their best.

I only had a front shot of Portia. Look at those teeth. So cute! She loves to have her belly rubbed. She is sweet and gentle. She's had a rough life, and was only with her last owner for a year and a half. We want to find a home for her where she will not be moved again.

Portia is only 6-7 years old so has many years to love someone. Is it you?


lady jicky said...

It would be lovely if Ms Portia finds a "forever home" and stays put!
That is what I pray for her - she is really cute looking too .

emilyp said...

What a great looking girl:) I hope she gets her new furever home really soon!!